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We can look after all your yearly servicing requirements. We carry out yearly habitation checks & engine servicing while you wait.

      Yearly Habitation Checks & Gas Safety & Soundness Tests


All campers should undergo an annual habitation check.  We believe that this is a good step-forward in camper maintenance as faults can be identified and corrected before a larger problem occurs. 

We supply this service at our workshop and can supply a certificate stating whether it has passed or failed. A gas safety and soundness test is also carried out by our RGI engineer and a certificate is supplied with this also.

We strongly recommend it to be carried out on your camper every year.

We recommend an engine service carried out at the same time also.

      Yearly Mechanical Servicing

We can carry out your yearly mechanical services including engine and brake services and checks for you.

We can also undertake timing belt changes if required.


      All Parts & Accessories

All parts & accessories available.

Please see our parts website




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