Motorhome Crash Repair
Motorhome Damp Repair
Motorhome Damp Repair
Motorhome Crash Repair
Motorhome Crash Repair
Motorhome Crash Repair
Motorhome Damp Repair
Motorhome Crash Repair


Accident Repairs

We are Ireland's leading motorhome bodyshop.



It is important that you bring your motorhome to a qualified repairer who is trained in the most advanced techniques and using the correct products that were used in the original production of your motorhome.


Derek himself is a fully qualified vehicle body repair specialist with over 40 years experience and our head technician Sean is an RGI gas engineer and fully qualified electrician also.

We have also an aircraft technician who is a specialist in composite and fibreglass manufacturing.

If you have been involved in an accident we can take care of the repair from start to finish, including dealing with your insurance company directly. We carry out repairs for all the major insurance companies.


Work carried out as follows:
Panel Repair/Replacement
Frame Reconstruction
All Interior Repairs and furnishings



Plumbing, Gas & Electrical Repairs

Our fully qualified Truma, Dometic, Thetford and Alde technicians can look after all your plumbing, gas and electrical repairs. Our staff are also RGI engineers so you are in safe hands.

We carry most parts for repairs in stock.


Full Re-Sprays & Design & Application of Stripes/Graphics

Our qualified spray painters can undertake full or part resprays in our 10m spraybooth/oven. We can also design and apply new striping/graphics to give your motorhome a fresher look.


Damp Repairs & Water Leak/Ingress Repairs

If your motorhome spends most of the year outside in Ireland, there’s a good chance it gets wet.

While it might appear you only have a small damp spot in the corner, what’s lurking behind the panels can be far worse.

Our trained technicians are experts in the field of damp repairs. 

If we need to remove the sides, back or even the roof of your motorhome, we can do so, to ensure your safety and the long-term integrity of your motorhome.


Chassis Undersealing & Rust/Corrosion Repairs

If your motorhome hasn’t been rust-proofed, it will probably already be starting to rust, even if it’s only one year old. Most motorhome base vehicles are built to a specific brief: they’re designed to last three years or 100,000 miles in the hands of white van man. Rust-proofing is not of primary interest to your typical fleet buyer. When used as a base for a motorhome, the use of the van is very different. Most do only about 10,000 miles a year or less and the lifespan is much longer. 

Serious bodywork rust is without question one of the most expensive items to fix on any vehicle, so if you plan to keep your vehicle any length of time, then investing in rust-proofing is a wise move.

We carry out underbody chassis sealing & rust/corrosion repairs that already need to be carried out on your motorhome.